Software has specially developed a software designed for the restaurant industry to assist the customer by offering simplicity in search of information.

The system consists of two modules:

– TouchMenu’ for accessing the menu being able to search for dishes based on pre-configured filters (vegetarian, vegan, spicy, food intolerance, etc.)

– TouchOrder to place their orders via tablet or directly to the table using the Drink&Touch and Eat&Touch systems.
Orders will be processed and sent directly to different departments (kitchen, bar, cash).

Everything is then managed by a control station can monitor the status of orders in different tables.
All modules provide for the management of images and texts for a more complete communication and the possibility of management in different languages.
The graphics is adapted according to the local theme for maximum customization.
It is also provided a multi-user 
games platform to make it even more fun the experience of using the system.